Aperte Release 3.2!

First of all, welcome to new Aperte Workflow site with more modern design. With time we will add more content about Aperte Workflow here. We are still updating project information according to newest version which is 3.2 . Because of many major and minor change we will be working now on wiki and tutorials updates.

The biggest news is that Aperte Workflow 3.2 is out. You can download it from our  Download page.

For past year and half we have been working on architecture’s changes and cool new features:

  • HTML/Ajax/JSP oriented pages. Now You can easily customize user and custom queues, queue filters and overall subpage look
  • Case Management support – According to out experiance with big implementations, we have big problem with big processes. When run, there is litte modifications to flow which can be implemented to running process. Case Mangement is data oriented entity – one case, many short (2-3 steps) sub-processes. So when business procedures change occurs and new version is developed and installed, new flow rules are almost immediately applied.  As process is divided into step (automatic and human), case splits to stages. There is separate definition (form, available processes to run from) for all stages, so one is able to customize case look and validation options according to current case status.
  • Abstraction of widgets, model and validators – same widget can be used in process and case form
  • BPM Session management change – now it is based on session-per-request pattern to better suit into corporate cluster infrastructure
  • New OSGi plugin types – now one can implement it’s own webservices, user queue definitions, spring beans, controllers and case-to-process (and vice versa) mappers
  • Interactive reports – addition to Jasper reports we introduce a new reports mechanism based purely on HTML and Ajax. Use Bootstrap expendable trees to better present data

For Case Managment End-2-End demo take a look on Application process sample which is bundled with newest release.

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